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What We Offer...


Research & Insights

Brand Strategy

We can help develop goals and a long-term success plan for your brand. Consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments are considered.

Brand Platform Development

This is simply a model for developing your brand identity. What does your brand look like from the consumer’s eye?

Brand Voice & Content

This is not what you think it is! It doesn’t involve necessarily center around voiceovers or anything audio related…YET. Let’s backup to square one. How is your brand conveyed? What does it say? What choice words standout? What is your slogan? What key visuals speak for your brand WITHOUT words? Do you have a visual identity that people will remember?

Marketing Strategies

Social Media

Clear Pixel can develop and/or oversee your social media platforms for performance, promotions, advertising, and interaction.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+ and LinkedIn are the most popular networks on the market.

Paid Media & Advertising

Are you looking to reach larger audiences? There are tons of advertising networks we can choose from. Market specific advertising is tailored for your target audience.

E-mail Communications

In a world where technology continually emerges, email communications is still one of the most consistent and effective ways to reach customers. We tailor e-mail blasts and campaigns.

Mobile Communications

In a fast-paced society where people are constantly on the go, tablets and mobile phones are highly used. Why not reach people where they are? Some of our mobile solutions include mobile messaging blasts, customer rewards programs, and more.

Video Communications (Lee Media Pro)


Web Strategy & Planning

We can help develop goals and a long-term success plan for your website or web product. Consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments are considered.


By definition, E-commerce means: business transactions conducted electronically online. Whether you need assistance with PayPal simple solutions or if you need a robust/customized web store or payment system, Clear Pixel has you covered!

Content Management Systems

Through training and education, Clear Pixel provides user-friendly content management systems that allow our clients to make their own updates to website content and media. This option reduces the cost of maintenance for your company website.

Mobile App Development

In a fast-paced society where people are constantly on the go, tablets and mobile phones are highly used. Why not reach people where they are? Some of our mobile app solutions puts your brand In the palms of consumers’ hands via Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Call us today to get your app placed in the top app stores!

QA Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) testing prevents mistakes and problems on any digital services we provide. After the development phase, we test the product thoroughly with a focus group to ensure functionality.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is the best way to understand how real users experience your website or application.

Responsive Web Design

Clear Pixel provides Responsive web design (RWD), which is aimed at providing an optimal view experience to users on computers, mobile tablets and phones.

Web Applications

Web applications (web apps) are client-server software based and run on the internet. Tailored to specific functions (whether it be an uploading system, advertising automation, or music player) Clear Pixel can help identify what’s right for your business.



Clear Pixel provides a variety of printing services to its existing and new design clients. From postcards and flyers to banners and signage, we can get the job done.

Graphic Design

With 14 years of experience in graphic design, our creative department can provide you (the customer) with fresh, eye-catching designs. We design business cards, magazine ads, CD covers, digital signage ads and more!

Brand Identity

The components of your brand (name, logo, typeface, tagline) are considered carefully by Clear Pixel. We walk with your company from the very beginning to ensure you have the right visuals before they are translated to printed collateral and digital assets.


Clear Pixel works closely with publishing companies and independent publishers/authors who desire to get their literature out there. We develop book cover concepts and other promotional items to accompany your book release. Our step by step process is simple and effective.


From CD/DVD releases to industry specific product packages, our custom packaging solutions keep you (the client) in mind.


A new trend in product sales includes utilizing creative stories, narratives, infographics, and other compelling elements. Get your story heard. Let us create for you!

E-learning & LMS

(Learning Management Systems)

With a rise in the population of remote campus students/teachers, Clear Pixel has tapped into effective, manageable ways for users to conduct courses remotely. Our E-learning solutions are custom built from the ground up.